PFAS-Tree Water Purifier

Created from biology
Optimized through
Chemistry and Physics

Our nature-inspired Aquaporin Inside® technology is at the heart of all our products. Its uniqueness stems from three disciplines in the world of natural sciences: biology, chemistry, and physics. Whether you are interested in our membranes or purifiers, the result is the same: high-performing, energy-saving water purification by the world’s only biomimetic membranes.

Pure water nothing else

A2O Pure Water purifier

Experience an under-the-sink water purifier powered by Aquaporin’s unique purification technology. The features provide clean, PFAS-free water bursting with natural flavor.

The new, stylish and simplistic A2O Pure dispenses purified, great-tasting clean water directly from the tap. In addition, the A2O Pure-system offer the best possible safety by providing the highest removal rates for water contaminants. Furthermore, it measures the quality of your water, has leak detection, automatic cleaning, and a space-saving design perfect for anyone who favors style and simplicity.

The A2O Pure is the water purifier that secures one of life’s most important assets, you and your family’s health.

A2O Pure

Pure drinking water

Take control of your water quality

The modern kitchen is forever renewing itself. In a time when your drinking water is no longer as clean as it once was, varying degrees of water quality put your family’s health at risk.

The A2O Pure a direct flow water purifying system based on Nobel-prize winning research and featuring NASA-approved Aquaporin Inside® technology. When placed under your sink, it enables you to serve great – tasting water for your family and guests – purified as nature intended.

The minimalistic water purifying system can be used wherever conventional RO (reverse osmosis) systems do not live up to modern home and kitchen standards.

A2O Pure is perfect for your sink and can be used with a separate one-way or a three-way faucet.

Reclaim control of your water quality

The modern kitchen is forever renewing itself. In a time where your drinking water is no longer as clean as in your childhood, it is important to face the new reality of varying water qualities that might put your family’s health at risk.

A2O Pure with Aquaporin Inside® technology is the perfect, space-saving water purifier, which offers the highest removal rates for water contaminants:

No pesticides
No heavy metals
No microplastics
No viruses
No hormones
No nitrate

– and no other harmful water contaminants.


It offers a 1-inch CMOS sensor, 5.4K video recording, an innovative MasterShots feature.

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